Saturday, November 15, 2008

In search of "THE DRESS"

Okay! I finally loaded pictures from our first trip to find "THE DRESS" as you all know Jessica and Ryan are getting married, when ? but we are soooo excited. So here are some pictures from our dress hunting experience. (why she wont just let me pick it out, I don't know...) Let us know what you think about the dresses. As you all know my sweet daughter gave US a budget of 1,000.00 for everything are you kidding... I'm good,but not that good! We met in the middle, now her MOM & DAD(that's us) are going to do the whole wedding on a budget of ...... $2500.00! This is really hard work, but if anyone can bargain shop it's meeeee! The only request Jessica has is, she has to has to have CUTE shoes, go figure... that doesn't give me much to work with after the CUTE shoes she likes. (you gotta love that girl).