Thursday, July 23, 2009

guess what we did today?

oops! forget to take the picture on the way in the store...

one down and one to go. and look it's on sale!

to many to choose from. WORST than a kid in a candy store. don't tell them i had fun watching them pick two out of about hundred. this took about 45 minutes. no kidding!

see the number 80, by the time we made it to the cutting area they lost the number...yikes thank goodness i took a picture of the girls with their number...

two in a half



not yet! silly girls...

okay your done..

todaaaa! finished... finally, after a swim break,tv; flight 29 down, sidewalk chalk, lunch and snack. job well done. did you notice we only finished one pair of pj's. next thursday we will tackle number 2! then we are quilting much easier. i had fun teaching dani how to sew. looking forward to our next project!