Thursday, July 16, 2009


it's amazes me it has been 26 years and counting. i am looking forward to the next 26!

danie, jessie, ryan and david

jessie and ryan

my idea of enjoying the beach, feet in the sun me under the umbrella reading magazines!

i used my $1 yard sale beach bag...

danie loves the beach

look how tall she is... she's eight and david is 5'11". we had a fun time we were only missing justin and the boys. after the beach we were going out to dinner but we were all tried (david from lying in the sun, burnt and danie tried from being in the water 3 1/2 out the 4 hours we were there) so went home and made bbq ribs, salad and baked potato and french toast. yumm. and then toped it of with a fresh berry pie! happy aniverary babe! love you...