Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Pink Cake Box Cake

in honor of my 48th birthday, i thought i would share 48 things you might not know about me...

1. my Father is the King ~ so that makes me a real princess
2. i thank God every morning when my eyes open and every night before they close.
3. i truly LOVE spending time with my family and friends.
4. summer is by far my favorite season ~ being outside watching the kids play and just be kids.
5. i like crushed ice over cubed
6. love to watch reallity shows
7. red vine and sour starburst jelly beans are my candy of choice.
8. more often than not i have a phone to my ear when i'm not at work or homeschooling dani.(yes i got this from my dad)
9. love watching all sports on tv tennis and ice skating are my favorite.
10. i would prefer to eat at home than go out to eat.
11. LOVE to plan, give and host PARTIES!
12. no matter how many storms i go through i never ask God why me or us.
13. favorite verse; Jeremiah 29:11
14. i have one baby brother & two older sisters (one who is in heaven)
15. i have two grandsons
16. i have been blessed with one son & two daughters
17. married to my hubby for almost 27 years
18. ok, yes i'm 4 months older than him...
19. i have the best parents anyone could be blessed with
20. i have never drank or smoked (well i had one drink when i got married)
21. my favorite colors are red & pink
22. pasta is my favorite meal
23. i love to cook and bake
24. i go to bed late and wake up early
25. i open every blind in my house when i wake up
26. always make my bed as soon as i get up ( i do not like wrinkles on my bed)
27. i eat off of either a red, purple or green fiesta plate (i know i'm crazy)
28. i have never tried tea
29. i was born in sacramento, ca
30. i am an awana leader
32. i don't like frogs or mice
33. i share my home with a big handsome dog, a crazy cat, a fish, & a turtle jessie forgot at home.
34. CHRISTmas is my favorite holiday.
35. i homeschooled my older childen for 11 years
36. i share homeschooling duties with my husband for our youngest
37. i love sitting on the porch with a glass of cold "pink" lemonade and good company
38. i love weekly family days (no phone, just family)
39. i do not enjoy typing
40. i work part time at a wellness center
41. i love to walk up & down every isle in the store...always have, drives everyone crazy.
42. i read names tags everywhere i go and call people by thier name.
43. i don't like paying bills
44. i am always on time never early or never late
45. love collecting dishes seving pieces, cake stands, fiestaware and cute glasses
47. i don't like chocolate