Friday, May 14, 2010

still playing blog catch-up

2. Co-Ed Family Baby Shower for Wes, Karissa and Kayleah okay the pictures are out of order i will take care of that when i get off work... oops!

look who won!

this was karissa's dress when she was little. how cute!

i gift from kayleah's grammy...

every little girl needs a tutu!

onesies to decorate.

yes gavin ate the applesauce and the pears!

karissa, jessica and papa

the new mr. & mrs. grandon

ok you know how i like making up my own rules for the games, so we did karissa's ankle.

oh, my this game reached a whole new level with guys playing... omg(gosh) and of course a guy won. now you can't them to listen half the time, but they sure heard when we said the word baby... we had fun, david won so he split his in & out prize with me.

yum! jelly beans.

all because they fell in love!

oh yes, even the guys had pink...

baby shower menu; ham, cheese, & turkey sandwiches, strawberry and cucummber salad(it was very good) lemon cupcakes, pink raspberry lemonade, animal cookies, yogurt pretzels, pink cotton cany, chocolate & sugar cookies.