Tuesday, July 20, 2010


and this is what i did...

up by six to spend time with my hubby
make david's lunch for work
have some me time (blog & facebook, haha)
feed fish
cleaned 3 bathrooms
cleaned 2 rooms??? (why im i cleaning the guest room? there is somthing wrong with this picture)& helped with 1 room
sweep and vac.
washed, dryed,folded and put away 5 loads of laundry
drop off key and uniforms to GCA ( boy i miss that place;-( )
quick target run( ok not quick i went down every aisle)
cleaned out kitchen cabinets for items for the yard sale sat.
read to d and d read to me
looked on the computer with d for kittens
made mac & cheese for lunch
paid a bill online (fun)
looked through our new math book we just got in the mail (woo hoo)
started testing d
went over a couple of party plans for upcoming spa parties
talk to jessie (this was a treat because we don't get to see or talk to her much why do they have to grow up and get married?)
made menu plan for the week

mon. B- malt o meal L- mac & cheese D-baked lemon pepper chicken, green salad & corn
tues. B- smoothie L- turkey wrap D- fish & green sald
wed. B- eggs L- picnic in the park D - salad
thurs. B- smoothie L- sandwich & veggies D- left overs
fri. B- muffin L - salad D- were camping in the back yard, so i think we will make pizza on the grill
sat. B- free day
sun B big breakfast before church, L/D early bbq potluck with family

visited with two of my favorite little guys
had hot chocolate out back(stop laughing it was nice out, people drink coffee in the summer)
watched taped shows (big brother)

what did you do?