Thursday, August 26, 2010

The NEW MR & MRS Grandon

Thank you to Luka Bella Photography Temecula for the pictures. This is part 1 i will load up more later. ENJOY!

guest enjoying the coffee & hot chocolate bar

the family, oops jim where are you?
the gift area

the Grandon's

we had jessica's red velvet w/ cream cheese , chocolate w/ mint chocolate chip and vanilla w/ raspberry cream, YUM!

our dessert buffet, fresh strawberries w/ white chocolate dip, cupcakes; red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla, assortment of red candies, monogramed cookies, white chocolate covered popcorn.

i could not have pulled this off with out the help of my family and my friends, thank you julie, lucia, brandy, debbie, mary and my mom, thank you soooo much!