Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our "Baby Girl" is TEN

Highlights of her day

1. Waking up to her requested doughnut cake

2. Birthday shopping with mom

3. Eating Pat & Oscars for dinner (her favorite) & sparkling Pink Lemonade

4. Hanging out with Justin, Jessie, Ryan, Gavin (we all missed you Gage)

5. Building her new lego with dad

6. Chocolate cake for dessert with Vanilla Ice cream

7. Sleeping in the tent in the house with mom

8. Watching a movie & staying up LATE!

9. All of her special gifts from family; clothes, purse, Claires gift card, Justice gift card, legos, gift card from target, Snoopy, Jewelry box Grandma made over 30 years ago, uno card game, lip gloss. Thank you guys for spoiling her! (now stop that)

10. She said the best birthday ever!

We LOVE you sooo much Danielle.