Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The making of our "green" play fort


Day "ONE"

Yes, it's me... David still is unable to do the work because of his back...SOOO I did the work...HARD

that cute rocking chair is where my sweet husband spent his time supervising me...

Day "TWO" Oops! the end of day two... I will load pictures as soon as I find them...We did have some funny momments...Gage filled in the hole his dad dug for the post. cute!


So we called in the pros...Sorry for the lack of pictures, but we all know whats happens to me when a bee stings me... not a pretty picture.

upstairs eve out Danielle's bedroom window.

Soo, this is our day "THREE" I pray day "FOUR" will be a working one!

Stay tuned... I guess I should go find my pictures...