Sunday, August 7, 2011


Well, I had great plans to organize our office/party room, I am not giving up yet... we are not starting school until August 24th. My dream school room will have wall to wall desk, cute hutch for our books (old fashion hutch painted robins egg blue and "HOT" pink inside) will go on the wall my pie cabinet is on, the wall with the princess dresses will house our desk, my scrapbook nook will turn back into a closet to hold my princess dresses, over the desk will be an old three panel door that I will paint and make one panel a chalk board, 2 cork boards. One wall will hold our state and world maps.

Since we live is sunny southern California we will start our school year out back at the picnic table and in the fort. I keep my books in a basket and Danielle keeps hers in a backpack for easy transporting.

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