Thursday, January 5, 2012

Recap of December 2011

December recap...
first up was Danielle's piano recital and she was GREAT. She played Square Dance.

This was Gavin's Christmas play for his class (doesn't he look excited?) He was an elf

Reindeer sandwich

I know I know, but wait... we went to Jessica's house to bake Christmas goodies and we needed to make a quick trip to the store and when we got well lets just say Noah and Joey ate 2 sticks of butter and our cup cake cups.

Yes! there was snow in Temecula ok, it came from a truck... but still snow

Gage talking to the KFROG

Christmas pictures out takes (some)

Awww my oldest and youngest

Lucky did not want any part of the pictures

Buster had fun, because he had treats

yes, Gage is wearing pj bottoms... he dressed himself for pictures. : 0

We did some snowman art

More Christmas outtakes

Love this one

We made cookies

and more cookies

and more cookies... I warned you there was a lot of pictures.