Monday, March 5, 2012

peep into my week ...

take "d" to ortho (yeah! we are done turning her expander) * take gavin to school * lunch date with jessica and our grand doggies * choose a paint color for the guest/gavin & gage's room ( thinking of going gray) * trip to target *start science with D * facetime with family * search homeschool forms for used curriculum for next year * reading date with gage * dinner and dessert with justin and the boys *finish our taxes so we can mail to our tax lady by friday *date with my treadmill (can't do much until i go to the cardio dr.) * backyard campout with "d" and the boys * memory verse

menu for the week;
breakfast - oatmeal with fruit, breakfast sandwich, pancakes, eggs & toast, muffin & smoothie, free day

lunch - leftovers or sandwich, fruit & veggies

dinner - taco cassarole with spanish rice, sausage, peppers with white sauce over pasta & broccoli,
turkey burgers & sweet potato fries, fawver salad bar & french bread, bbq (not sure what yet) campout food (roasted hot dogs, beans oops we can't forget the smores)

this is as of today with my family you can never write anything in stone. i am just praying we won't have any trips to the er this week. (fingers crossed) enjoy your week : )