Wednesday, March 28, 2012

recap of the last two weeks

my Blessings, jessie almost 25, justin 27 and danie 11 oops! and my Grand-Doggie noah

awww... clem

d and i made grandma apple pie...yumm

you see how they are trying to get in the store before me... yes, i do go up and down every aisle, but i did get to go down a couple : )

IKEA! (I) was soooo excited...d had her stop watch on are you kidding me! it was fun! thank you guys

we put out Easter/spring decor and guess who likes the basket with the grass...holly, silly cat! my sister use to make one large easter basket for everyone to share love ths idea! yes i still do the maze for the little ones to find their special basket on easter morning. pictures will follow later.

lucky pup watching over gavin...he stayed home from school with pneumonia

Our last two weeks in a nut shell... WATCH OUT SPRING BREAK HERE WE COME!