Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May Recap In Pictures

jessie brought the boys over to stay while they went to Hawaii,
jessie made a zucchini bake for lunch, d and i made pink lemonade cupcakes, gavin received a medal for reading woohoo!, d and joey, poor guy was already missing his mama!, gage enjoying some pool time, finally...some i didn't kill, d gave the boys a bath before Jessie came to pick them up. they play hard with buster and uncle lucky, this was in my washer, yuck! i am thinking on boycotting until we get the house sprayed...ummm, the fun EKG and stress test i had to have...funny story... i asked the young assistant how long it was going to take? she asked how old are you me: 50 her: she said for someone your age never gets to the running part what! Ok me: so what does a person my age need to do her: you need to get 80% me: ok wait there's more... when the dr came in i asked her to stop me at 80% she asked why and i laughed and told her well this old lady made it to 95% before befor i started having chest pains lol my niece told me and said run Forrest run...,and ran i did!, loving our iPad , i got to FaceTime with my cousin, a lot of park time for our doggie boys, some of our yardsale treasures, d birdhouse she painted, love her! Making memories on the porch sipping on homemade lemonade! Did i say already i love her..., gavin started playing soccer, that little guy is good! now gage wants to play. should be fun, only 6 more days until summer vacation...woohoo so excited! praying you had a great month of may.