Thursday, July 12, 2012

recap of june

i know i'm really late, but better late than never...right? a peek of what we were  upto  in june

+ this is what a binder looks like on the last day of school...
+ gavin's last soccer game ended with goal!
+ lazy summer days
+ brooke's celebrated her 11th birthday with us, with a doughnut cake
+ two new trees for the back yard
+ yes, i moved rocks again with a little help from two of my little best friends. i really need to make up my mind where i want
+ there will be a lot of this going on in the summer, there is just something about sidewalk chalk
+ piano lessons
+david turned the big 5 -0! yes, i'm the older women
+ little miss clementine run away. no, don't laugh she is quick! the couple that found her asked if we could bring a picture of her to make sure she was jessie's...of, course her grandma has tons of pictures of her. jessie's face says it all...even " he boys" were happy she was home
+ pool time at ryan and jessie's
+ gage forgot to give his gift he made at school for his dad, he was so excited when justin got home. cute!
+ gage being silly
+ check indoor camping off our bucket list
+ justin and his boys being boys! oops, even buster wanted to play
+ lucky pup being cute, not he chewed up my flip flop...
+ and we can't forget sweet holly it is always summer time for her
i hope you are enjoying your summer break as much as we are.