Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Used Curriculum Sale

Hi! I am linking up with The Happy Housewife  used curriculum sale to sell some of my curriculum we no longer need. Take a look and let me know if you are interested.

(New) Beautiful Feet Early American History/Intermediate semester 1 pack $80.00 ppd. includes; study guide, history timeline, American Providential History, Leif the Lucky, The Vikings, Columbus, Pocahontas, William Bradford, Pilgrim Boy, Landing of the Pilgrim Boy, Landing of the Pilgrims, 3 "your Story Hour" CD's, student notebook
 like new $35. ppd (SOLD)

 used good condition teachers ed. and student  text $20.00 ppd.

 like new $8.00 ppd.

 used good condition $5.00 ppd.

 used like new student text $5.00 ppd

 used like new $15.00 ppd teachers ed. and student text

 misc. abeka $8.00 ppd (SOLD)
same picture as above (SOLD)

 Rod and Staff 4th grade spelling teacher answer key $4.00 ppd
 (New) Rod and Staff Health 5th grade $8.00 ppd
 used saxon 5/4 used condition teachers, answer key, student $25.00 ppd.
 another look
 and another view

Math U See Alpha set, includes test book, teacher manual, student text, songbooks on CD, starter set w/ 80 piece blocks $25.00 ppd (SOLD)

 Beautiful Feet California History study guide $8.50 ppd
Abeka Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 free if you can use them. I will only charge postage of $8.00. set includes; Spanish 1 test key, spanish 2 vocabulary manual (copyright 1987) Spanish 2 teachers guide parts A & B (1989),Spanish 2A (1987), Spanish 2B (1987).

Thank you for looking! Please email me at fawvergang @ me (dot) com if interested. All payments via PayPal and books will be mailed media mail as soon as payment is received.