Tuesday, November 27, 2012

happy 12th birthday

happy 12th birthday to my baby girl... not sure why the pictures loaded out of order.
d special dinner of choice was mini sliders, fries, and milk shakes
love this picture...gavin was so excited he gave his auntie a big chocolate bar
d requested chocolate chip cookies instead of a cake
for breakfast she had flat eggs, bacon, toast and oj

twelve things about you...
1. you love your big brother(s) and your big sis
2. you have a heart for the Lord
3. you are our private dog whisper
4. you have a kind heart
5. you can be fisty like your auntie jo in Heaven
6. you are a great auntie to gavin and gage
7. you love hanging out with your dad
8. you have the sweet smile and the biggest dimples (you will like them when your older, i promise)
9. you still sneak in our room at night after we go to sleep
10. you have a good group of girls for your friends
11. you feel our house with the sweet sounds of the piano... i love listening to you play
12. you love walking your dogs, riding bikes, roller blading, baking with me. love you so much.