Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Gavin

happy 8th birthday to a special little  guy... okay, really, where does the time go? it  just yesterday when i had the honor of you taking that first breathe. God is so amazing. love you so much.

i made your special breakfast of two flat eggs, bacon, toast with cinnoman and a glass of oj.
this is what he received from dad and brother
eight things about you ...
1. you have been a spit fire from the day you were born
2. you love being outside
3. you can play any sport and are good at it
4. you love school (well, lunch time and friends and the good news club)
5.  you are a good big brother to gage
6. you keep us laughing with you jokes
7. you speak your mind, you are learning the hard way to think before speaking.
8.  your dad is still your hero 

happy birthday, little buddy