Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Another year? Really? May your New Year be filled with LOVE, LAUGHTER and many BLESSINGS!

So what does Fawvergang have going on in 2011??? Well, our niece Ally is graduating from Boston University in May and we are all going (woohoo), family reunion in the summer, working on our home(starting with D's room), and that's about all I know for sure... but we are excited to see how it all unfolds!
*** my top 10 for 2011 ***
1) wake up early to spend some quite time with just me & my husband before he goes to work(that is going to require me to make myself go to bed earlier)
2) morning, afternoon, or evenig walk with D to talk about girl things ( stop laughing, I can handle it) heck I'm laughing and shaking at the same time...
3) find a new church for our family
4) spending one on one time with the boys
5) having Sunday dinner at our house once a month with everyone
6) joining a ladies Bible study
8) date night once a month, date weekend every three months
9) quick family road trips
10) work on house one room at a time (this is hard for me) ;
first D's room makeover ~ paint, molding, bedding, floor, curtains (making together)
laundry room ~ paint, new washer & dryer
downstairs bathroom ~ tile, paint, mirror, vanity
paint house ~ inside rooms
work on backyard ~ planters for garden, grass, firepit, fort/getaway for kiddos oh yeah, hammock for me
work on frontyard after our friend the gropher stops eatting all of our plants...