Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy 50th Birthday to me! Better late than never

warning... warning... long post!

things about me

o1 i am a true PRINCESS because my Father is the king of kings!

02 sunrise is my favorite time of day

03 i LOVE my husband

04 i want to plant a real garden this summer

05 i collect fiesta ware

06 i LOVE to plan parties

07 i love watching hot air balloons on Saturday morning

08 i love going to Saturday morning yardsales

09 i talk to everyone that smiles at me, even when they think they know me lol

10 talking to mom, sister, sil, (sister in law) and niece daily makes my heart happy

11 i want to start reading more...ok reading period

12 i love taking pictures

13 i decorate for every holiday, well not halloween

14 i don't like to eat out

15 Shh... I watch reality tv, I know

16 i love hot sunny days

17 redvines are my favorite candy

18 i love to text my family and friends to let them know I'm thinking about them

19 i do not like going to the post office

20 my heart aches for my sister in Heaven, I miss her soooo much

21 i can spend hours in Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Joann's, Ikea, and target for hours, yes hours and buy on thing

22 every year I go to Froster Freeze for a large "Strawberry Shake"

23 i love to camp out back with Danielle & the boys

24 i believe in Miracles

25 my kids will only eat homemade cookies

26 i love hanging out with my husband

27 i miss my El Centro friends

28 i have only been to Disneyland twice i do not like waiting in line for rides

29 when i my family comes to visit we stay up all night talking and laughing

30 my favorite verse is Jerm. 29:11

31 i am thankful for the relationships i have with my children

32 facetime is my new best friend

33 i miss hanging out with my cousins

34 a hot bubble bath is my relax time

35 LOVE to bake choclate chip cookies without the chips

36 so blessed God gave my daughter her soulmate

37 we do school in the fort on sunny days

38 dinner is my favorite family meal, listening to the little one bless our meal is "PRICELESS"

39 i have watched every Little House on the Praire

40 i spend way to much time on looking at blogs

41 Sunday is my day of rest

42 i look forward to our family BBQ in the summer

43 my shoe of choice is a pair of black flip flops, thats if i wear them

44 i want to color my hair, about six months before my 50th birthday i started getting gray hair

45 i miss my Sacramento friends

46 we have two dogs, one cat and one fish

47 i can't wait to see all of my great nieces

49 love to listen to Danielle play the piano

50 i LOVE sitting out back with a cold glass of fresh squeezed lemonade with crushed ice

Gloria, Doreta, Danielle and Me @ The Lazy Dog Cafe

This is what 50 candles look like!

Some of my cards

I got flowers from Gavin, awww!

My favorite cake white box cake with homemade strawberry cream cheese frosting, yum!

My friend Patty brought me flowers and a gift card to Home Goods

Justin gave me a box of Fiestaware! I LOVE them
Danielle made me a sweet card and money to buy some goodies I had on my list. Thank you guys for a great birthday!