Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

We LOVE our new chalkboard wall! Thanks babe <3

Gavin's choclate roses for his friends...

from my baby girl

I love when the kiddos wake up in the morning and go straight to their mailboxes to see if they have mail. I put coupon and little goodies in them the whole month of Feb.


can you tell who love choclate in this family?

Thank you girls!

This is what I gave David

he does know me... I do NOT like choclate, But I LOOOOOVE RedVines!

Danielle and I had our annual Valentine's day lunch. This year I surprised her with an Alice and wonderland theme.

My friend Jill gave me a 12 sets of these CUTE tea cups.

I only broke one!

They wait all year for this treat...The beloved choclate fountain.

Strawberries, marshmellows and bananas

Oh, Yeah Gavin LOVES chocolate also!

and my baby girl LOOOOVES chocolate strawberries

The kiddos favorite...my niece's reciepe for homemade mac & cheese and tomato and cucummber salad.

On Monday we played HEART bingo and decorated cookies, yumm!
Gage won!
showing off their master pieces

what is it with kids and sprinkles?

Gage LOVES his sprinkles

Well that was a recap of our day...I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day we did!