Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Some of what we did for spring break... Grandma/Great Grandma and uncle Anthony came down. We went to the duck pond, made aprons (i did), made smores in the fireplace, camped out in the backyard, planted flowers, the kiddos played and stayed up late, they played flash light tag, Danielle played the piano and Grandma sung along... :), relaxed in the hammock, sat out and made new family memories, sat out back and just talked with a cold glass of homemade lemonade, went to visit Jessie and the BOYS (Ryan was at work) we went to Fashion Valley Mall and UTC Mall, one was by mistake...why anyone ask me for directions is beyond me. LOL. I know the saying moms knows everything...i'm just saying...Gavin helped Grandpa catch a little visitor (a lizzard, why do all the animals around here think we have an open door policy? umm we don't)But, all in all we had a great spring break the kiddos got to cross a lot of things off of their spring break bucket list. Now bring on summer, this mom/grandma is ready! I hope you all had a great spring/Easter break.