Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our week in review

Well, we had another busy week...

Gage made our family photo... look at our big heads!

The kiddos got money for easter, Gage had $7.00 so he bought more hot wheels! That brings his count up like 500 cars just joking by close to it.

We made chicken tacos for dinner, dinner is getting harder these days, because Danielle is soooo picky.


David had a tube put in his ear, all went well... ok he still can't hear. We are praying it gets better by the end of the week. He said it sounds like you are under water. poor guy...


Holly helping D with her school work... Danielle got up early to do her school work so she could ride with our neighbor to the OC for a doctors appointment for her little guy. When she got back, we went rode with David to Riverside for a doctors appointment. She was a trooper because that was a lot of time driving.

I was excited to go because we stopped by "The Boles" for a visit. You know when you have been blessed with a true friendship when you haven't seen each other in years and you just pick right up where you left off. LOVE THEM!

Dinner at Danielle's favorite place... In & Out


Yumm! We made fresh orange juice from the oranges Ryan and Jessie gave us.

Danielle's art work


A great way to end our week, cake pops! Can you tell who's happy...


After a morning of yard sales, we invited Justin and the BOYS to breakfast at the airport cafe.

My little helper and I made pizza for lunch after a long day of yard work

Helping Grandpa mow the yard.

my little missy

Lucky and Danielle in the clubhouse. I hope you had a wonderful week with your family.