Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Homeschool Day at Legoland warning picture overload!

waitng to go on our first ride, do you think he is excited? oh, my was he... we went right once we got in the park, beacause they say everyone goes left. well, all i can say is that we didn't wait in line for more than ten minutes per ride. ok, one we waited about fifteen minutes.

what we saw on our bout ride

love this...

lol, jessie and gage on the rope ride, he wanted to go to he top, but auntie jessie told him it didn't go all the way up.

these two guys made it all the way to the top...

gage was so excited to get his very own drivers license. danielle and gavin also went to driving school and got thier's also.

go team grandon/fawver they came in second place.

skipper school, note... do not laugh and moms who let their kiddos drive the boats and get stuck because it might happen to us...

ok, so far so good...

ok, we are on a roll... oops! hold that taught... we have a problem... picture out of order

it's coming... but enjoy some more pictures from our day : )

no, i did not forget gavin, he wanted to pose and then he hit his head.

gage LOVES bob the builder

then on to star wars

bob the builder out of legos

ok, darn let me go find my glasses...

goodbye legoland until next year

awww, how i enjoyed the quite ride home

well, may not so quite gav talks in his sleep... we had a fun time. thank you soo much jessie for going with us, we could not have had this much fun without you.

things we will do different next year...

  • go on a day justin can come with us... jessie and i do not like to ride roller coasters, yes we are sissys

  • bring snacks and lunch with us

  • bring towels and change of clothes

  • Gavin holding our tickets wait for the gates to open...